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Yellowing white paint- why?

My porch walls were previously painted orange by the previous owner. I painted them white using an expensive masonry paint for all weather conditions and brick purposes. After 3 months, it started to turn colour in patches and now it looks like this. Does anyone know why?
I tried re-painting it again and the same thing occurred.
Any help, please let me know! It looks horrible. Help!

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Hi are your are your Porch Walls plasterboard if so it’s sounds like they have been stuck on with dry wall adhesive (known as dot and dab)if this is the case the walls behind the boards must be damp therefore the blobs of dry wall adhesive are absorbing water hence the stains coming through in patches you would have to take all the plasterboards off solve where the water is coming from let the brickwork dry out couple of weeks depending on conditions then reinstate walls prob be better using a sand and cement mix with waterproofer chemicals added then plaster over that when dry👍


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

Certainly damp coming through from below , an oil based undercoat or damp proofing is required before a re coat , after applied , the paint will stay the original colour.


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

Go to your local paint supplier, ask them for a good sealer or to be fair you could probably use a oil based undercoat if you have any to hand, a coat of that, leave to dry and then re apply the masonry. Should be fine then!


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

hi, i suggest using a zinsser solvent based paint in white
this will stop any discolouring


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

It probably just needs more coats to cover the old colour properly


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

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