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Dining chairs to bar stools?

Hi all,
Is it possible to change dining chairs into bar stools? How easy would it be to change the legs?
The chairs are padded with high backs. Unfortunately I can’t add a picture!

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Hi becky_20,

if the legs are metal and have screws underneath you could look at replacing them for longer legs but if they are wooden a manufactured we would not recommend it as it would effect the structural ability of the chair.



Answered 6th Jan 2020

It depends on (as Antony says) the structure of the chair if it is wooden then yes, it is possible. However to ensure the structural rigidity the legs would have to be properly braced. Without a picture, hard to speculate but any joiner worth his salt should be able to help you out with this work.
Kind regards


Answered 7th Jan 2020

Basically you need to extent the legs as a bar stool is normally higher than a dining chair, some bar stools have no back-rest but we will assume that we will keep the back-rest in this example.
If we take a wooden constructed chair which would typically be hardwood (beech, oak, elm, mahogany....) If it is soft-wood (Pine, fir etc...) the section would have to be thicker. The more slender the construction of the chair the more difficult it would be. For the joint a butt joint, hard-wood or metal dowels could be inserted in the end grain of the existing leg and on the added leg extension. The joint itself could also be varied to an interesting feature resembling a scarf joint or a scissors joint, this is if the chair will show the grain and joining method. Horizontal spanners would also strengthen the joint as well as horizontal spanners placed lower down.
If the legs are metal, aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel extensions could be welded on, the whole frame then repainted or chrome faced to give a high class finish.
If the chair legs are cast-iron this could be difficult or even impossible to weld so it would mean to replace the legs completely.
if the chair is plastic or perspex (plexi-glass), thermo welding, solvent weld or special adhesive would have to be used.


Answered 8th Jan 2020

In simple terms yes. Personally I would adjust the under chair structure to be ready to be housed upon a bar stool which I would make from Scratch. That way the top of my stool and the underside of the chair are designed to fit each other with strength. The final Q is perm attached or mechanically able to remove legs?


Answered 11th Jan 2020

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