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Fireplace smoke

We have a flush cassette fireplace; however, we have noticed that we are getting some smoke marks on the painted wall above the fireplace. As the fire is flush it would be a shame to put up a lintel over the fireplace to stop the smoke staining the wall. Apart from painting every year, what other options are there? We would like it to fit into the current decor which is modern minimalist shabby chic. I have thought of taking the area back to brick but not sure how easy or expensive this would be. Any ideas most welcome. Thank you

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Hi there, taking it back to brick isn’t too hard it’s just really messy with all the dust off the old plaster. The problem you could have is that the brickwork behind isn’t always pretty. It may take some extra work drilling out damaged bricks and there is quite often an original arch for the old fire place. Also the fire will need to sit a little further back. These are all sortable and once it’s grinded out, re- pointed and sealed they can be a lovely feature.


Answered 6th Jan 2020

Andy is spot on above :-)

Also get your chimney swept and possible change the pot. A taller pot will increase the draw up the chimney.


Answered 6th Jan 2020

Have the chimney swept first so the fire draws correctly , if it’s drawing correctly you shouldn’t have a problem with smoke damage on the outside wall, there for you won’t need to decorate once a year . If you chip back the plaster you could have the same problem with smoke damage to the brickwork , Hence get the chimney swept first .


Answered 13th Jan 2020

I’ve done this in my own house, a Victorian property, both in our bedroom and in our lounge. The answer from Andy is a very good one. The only thing I’ll add is that, based on the description of your décor, even if the bricks are not too perfect, it can still look good and fit in with a more ‘distressed’ look. Our bedroom chimney breast had straight-lined bricks in good condition, but those in our lounge had some broken ones. I have built panelling one metre up from the floor, in a dark grey, and the less than perfect bricks look great against the more formal panelling and antique chandelier I installed. So either can still look great. There’s a photo on my MyBuilder page.


Answered 10th Jan 2020

Yes taking the chimney back to brick is a really messy job there normally will be a bigger opening behind but once repair work is completed thye are a worth while feature i have 1 coming up in a few weeks that i will upload staged pictures of on my my builder page.


Answered 10th Jan 2020

Yes taking the brick back could and I say could show good stone underneath but this depends on the age of the house and you could open up a can of worms , the best Solution is to paint the area with a scrubbable Matt emotion which you can wipe off at any time and it will not damage the paint very simple solution to a simple problem from G Russells decorating


Answered 10th Jan 2020

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