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Sanding blemishes on bathroom ceiling.

My decorator applied Zinsser Perma White to new plaster on bathroom ceiling without a mist coat as he thought it was selfpriming on all surfaces. When it began to peel he had to use a sander to remove it. This left some blemishes on the ceiling. Although the finished job now looks reasonably good, I’m wondering if the slight scores and indentations from the sanding will cause the paint to crack. If so, is there anything I can do about it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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I'd be surprised if the sanding blemishes caused the paint to crack. However if you aren't happy with the sanding marks you can buy paints made buy polyfilla that have the ability to fill small marks/cracks or you could apply a very thin coat of filler and then paint over to achieve the smooth finish.


Answered 6th Jan 2020

These can be filled, toupret fine surface filler is the best product for this.
( if your decorator has the skills)


Answered 6th Jan 2020

im suprised that it cracked zinsser perma white is a self coating paint!!!
It should be watered down on first coat though then it would of beeen fine


Answered 7th Jan 2020

Although Perma White is a self-priming paint on many surfaces, it is not designed to be used as a primer on new plaster. The plaster needs to be properly 'sealed' first with either a mist coat or a specific plaster primer. This is the reason the plaint peeled and there is a possibility it will peel again in the future. Fingers crossed you may get lucky otherwise your decorator should be coming back to put it right. So as far as the marks are concerned, fine surface filler, sand gently and repaint.


Answered 7th Jan 2020

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