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In which order should i start acquiring quotes?

I am now in the position where I have design and structural engineer drawings for a rear, single storey, open-plan kitchen diner extension.
It comes under Permitted Development and a Lawful Development Certificate has been applied for.
My dilemma, as it were, is - do I seek Builder quotes/estimates firstly or, do I go and seek quotes from a Kitchen Designer before the Builder, as presumably, the Designer would include in their quotes details of positions of electrical sockets as well as appliances, that would (perhaps) assist a Builder with a more accurate pricing for the job?

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Get quotes from both , both can price off your drawings so will give you a rough idea on price , once the shell is built get designer out to plan kitchen in detail


Answered 5th Jan 2020

If it was me I’d build the shell first get it all watertight then bring in your kitchen designer So you know where every socket go


Answered 7th Jan 2020

Get a builder to quote from my builder. Com. After the extension is built, and plastered then the kitchen suppliers will come out and do an accurate survey. After the survey they will do a plan and 3D drawing to price the installation off. You can still get the kitchen product quote done but if you order out of sequence you may end up swapping a unit for a wine rack.


Answered 11th Jan 2020

It doesn't really matter. When I quote a job its usually by the m2. And will include Costing for so many sockets , fused spurs etc .which should normally be more than enough, but should they require extra prices are pro rata. Everything has an individual price. For all basic materials. Should the client want to upgrade. To say satin sockets , They just pay the extra for materials as labour stays the same. But agree all prices and any additional works before anything commences .


Answered 19th Jan 2020

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