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How long can you keep paint?

I bought Deluxe Matt paint in April 2017 when I painted my house and had a lot of paint left over. Is it still good to use as I want to re-paint the kitchen?

It has been opened

Does paint expire?


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Acrylics and Latex can last up to 10 years unopened. If the paint you open has been used and you get a bad odour or rancid smells.. then simply don't use it. If it's unopened it may be OK but go by sell by date if displayed.


Answered 2nd Jan 2020

10 years unopened waterbased paints if opened 2yearsas long as its been sealed tightly


Answered 3rd Jan 2020

On the whole a good answer.
But to qualify it paint to last un opened has to be stored always , frost free , to be able to perform as the manufacture intended.
Again in good condition it will last two years.


Answered 3rd Jan 2020

Up to two years from manufacture date which you can find under paint tube or tin.


Answered 3rd Jan 2020

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