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Best material for durability to replace rotten wood sill &trim around uvpc patio door

I'm sure this is stupid question.....but a previous owner put this patio door in and despite my maintenance the 20 year wood sill is rotten in places. What is best material to replace sills and trim please for long lasting durability. I'm hoping patio door will not have to come out? Thanks

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Upvc plastics fascia for the sill and plastic trim for door


Answered 24th Dec 2019

Providing the sill isn't completely rotten the best material would be a upvc fascia board.


Answered 29th Dec 2019

Personally I believe the only way to resolve this properly and professionally is to remove the doors and frame entirely and associated fixings through the base. Then remove the rotten sill and replace with a new hardwood piece. Then reassemble. It is quicker and easier to do this than trying to retro fit in appropriate products. I have performed this several times for different clients. Plus you know you have a decent watertight seal and that your door threshold is appropriately supported.


Answered 29th Dec 2019

I would use acoya wood as its durable and expelles water well and is easy to paint or stain with a low grain whitch makes it good for sanding and machining and avalible from most timber suppliers


Answered 29th Dec 2019

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