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Can you use architrave on a ceiling instead of coving ???

Just finishing my front room and i like the torus architrave around my doors just wondering could i use the same on the ceiling instead of coving ???? Seriously lol

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Hi, It's not uncommon in older period properties to have timber coving. Especially if the profile is large. The tricky bit is getting it to stay in place whilst the adhesive goes off. With a lightweight coving or GRP mould the adhesive strength can usually grab straight away without any extra fixings needed.
When I have fitted timber ceiling moulds in the past, I use lengths of batten to act as props to support the mould until the adhesive has dried. Good Luck!


Answered 20th Dec 2019

The main issue with using Architrave as coving is that the rear profile is different. Architrave sits flat against the wall. Coving, on the other hand, sits at a 45 degree angle so both top and bottom edges of the coving are angled appropriately so they sit flush with the ceiling and the adjacent wall.

Also architrave is around 70mm wide and tapers down from about 20mm to about 6mm so really is rather unsuitable. Plus the width will make it look stingy at ceiling height (even the smallest coving starts at around 80mm upwards) and you will have major problems getting it to sit correctly and fix in place.

So the upshot is you are probably much better off looking for a proper coving in a mould pattern you like. And when it comes to fitting you won't be pulling your hair out in total frustration.


Answered 21st Dec 2019

I don't see any reasons why not. I would put the adhesive on and pin it on with a 2nd fix nailer...


Answered 20th Dec 2019

Timber architrave would not be sufficient a profile to use as cornice .
Timber cornice is generally built up in layers to give it depth . Also using a general profile architrave would just look altogether wrong as someone rightly so would be able to identify it as Architrave.


Answered 23rd Dec 2019

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