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Lean too - broken beading within frame

I have a new lean to fitted. O e of the frames has a broken bit of broken beading ( think that's the term). I'm told it holds the glass in the frame, and then is covered by the frame trim?
Anyway, is this repairable or is this a new frame/window unit as I have been advised the manufacturer may come out and solder it rather than replace but I'm not sure that is correct.

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The fitter should come out with a length of beading, cut it to size and mitre the edges. Simple job. No need for a new window.


Answered 18th Dec 2019

If the manufacturers are soldering then it cannot be a bead that has failed , I am assuming that it will be the frame that needs soldering .
Get them to write into the guarantee your concerns over the breakage , take photos of before and after. never place any weight on the area soldered .


Answered 2nd Jan 2020

The company that manufacturerd the windows will cut a new 1 to size then send it to the installer to replace , it’s a 5 minute job


Answered 23rd Dec 2019

I would need to come and check the frame to make sure it's not damaged. If not damaged, I would replace existing bead, that I carry with me.


Answered 7th Jan 2020

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