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Anyone fitted a harlequin heatstream?

Considering one of these to replace leaking hot water cylinder. Has anyone got any experience with them?

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hi there,
I've only installed one or two of theses so Im not an expert but what I do understand is that they are very easy to instal, they are a good size to fit into any standard cupboard.
It looks nice and neat and is very easy to keep and maintain due to it being plastic.
The heat recovery time is really fast from what I have heard, so if you have a big family you should all get to go about your normal wash routine without any trouble.
there are not many parts that come with it so in the longterm it won't need many parts replacing.
I don't think there is a requirement for annual servicing.

The biggest USP of the product, according to the installer, is that the system can deliver mains- pressurized hot water at a fast rate coupled with its super-fast recovery rates, overall speed and ease of installation. Since all the connections are on the top of the unit, there is no requirement for D3 discharge or associated equipment such as expansion vessel and T&P relief valve.

Hope this helps!


Answered 18th Dec 2019

The Harlequin HeatStream is a heat storage tank which produces mains pressurised hot water without all the drawbacks of traditional vented, unvented hot water storage cylinders or thermal stores. It can be heated by a range of heating sources.


Answered 18th Dec 2019

it is basically a thermal store.


Answered 19th Dec 2019

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