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Best cctv cameras for your money

Hi all,

I want to have CCTV fitted at my house which are the best and recommended?
The features i would like to have is being able to speak through them, and ability to have a screen in my home but also be able to view them on my handset too.
I would like a total of 4 fitted.

Which are the most recommended for price and also quality??

Thank you

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I would recommend wired over wireless cctv systems and could provide you with a free quote and discussion about types of systems available as there are many types.

5 or 8MP cameras have the best resolution for cctv cameras. Wired in cat 6 cable


Answered 16th Dec 2019

Unfortunately not all systems are created equally.

Many companies over or under specify CCTV by offering the same camera for all areas of your property. Yet lighting, distance to be covered could vary significantly.

We would never recommend wireless cameras, although wireless video door bells as standard have two way speech available.

You could be offered Hikvision 4/5MP cameras, but you could be offered analogue or IP cameras. Normal, Darkfighter or ColorVU

Analogue will be cheaper than IP.

The recording frame rate is usually lower the higher the resolution of the camera and is often lower when compared to the live view frame rate this is noticeable at 5MP resolutions and above on analogue cameras.

Analogue recordable fps for example on analogue 4MP 20/25fps, 5MP 15fps, 8MP 8fps and the police usually recommend 12fps. but live view could be 20/25fps. This is because analogue cameras don't encode, but the DVR does, with IP cameras the live view and recordable fps is usually the same.

With ip its possible to have 20fps on cameras with a resolution of 8MP.

Difference between normal/ darkfighter and ColorVu

Is the light available and your night vision. If there is a lot of light at night say from a street lamp then full colour is possible, if some light is available then possibly a dark fighter could get you decent full colour night images.

With no light the colorvu cameras have white light led, but may give full colour at night without the led on, if the white light led is required it will be like having a security light permanently on.

Live view is usually much lower resolution than that streamed to a mobile phone.

Many manufacturers have similar technologies that may be comparable.

Where ever possible ask, about frame rates and resolutions and model numbers, for live views and recorded views, YouTube often have video footage from specific camera models under day and night conditions.

The lens of the camera also plays an important part, 2.8mm is a wide angle lens and a 12mm is a narrow lens, if I wanted to see someone 30M away and recognise them a 2.8mm lens wont be any good, but in the same vain, a 12mm lens wont be much good to cover a wide area.

Hence why we would recommend specifying cameras for the job required rather than the same camera for each location, as this could result in over or under specification.


Answered 16th Dec 2019

I would reccomend novus 4 x 1080p 4mp ip66 all weather night vision ir vandal proof with cheaper coaxile cable also hard wired. 2tb hard drive easy view and easy quick simple set upon phones.


Answered 23rd Dec 2019

5 mp cameras with varifocal lens are the best type of camera to install at present. You can wire using cat5 cable.
Go for infra red dome and do not install to high. Installing good cameras with good views is all about angles.


Answered 26th Dec 2019

Most of the answer is correct, however I would advise a hik/vision system, as I would say this is the best system on the market, this is the system I use and had no problems at all, if you would like a free quote please contact me. Thank you Mark


Answered 26th Dec 2019

I recommended Hikvision or Dahua as these are high in quality and are the world's leading brands. There are many cameras available on the market, but you mainly need to focus on the following features. It should have a high resolution and clear night vision is one of the most important features for outdoor security cameras. Moreover many outdoor security cameras available today are able to live stream a feed directly to your mobile device.


Answered 7th Apr 2020

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