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Blockwork garage - how long?

I need a garrage building. nothing fancy, just blockwork. For someone to just build the walls, how long would it take? Garage will be 5m Wide, 6m deep, with most of the front wall taken out by double door, single garage door + window in back wall + side entry door. So not a large number of blocks to lay.

Do Brick layers charge per sqaure meter?

Job is posted, if youre interested in quoting for the work!

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Hi there,

To do your garage i would estmimate it would take upto 2, theres about 350 blcoks in your garage. The going rate per square metre is about £11.50 for fair face blockwork.

Hope this helps

Michael Hill


Answered 28th Mar 2012

Really cant say much about timescale except not very long.Bricklayers can vary a bit in speed and we dont know whether you are going to use a single bricklayer or 2 and a labourer etc.As for charges,there are various methods.Some by the day,some by the m2 and some per 1000 bricks.As your job is posted,you will soon have the answer to all of your questions!


Answered 28th Mar 2012


I would estimate 2days work from dpc height to build your garage. The going rate is around £1.10 per block £11 per square metre.


CRW Building Services


Answered 30th Nov 2012

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