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Lay flooring or fit staircase first

we are doing a new build and would like to know the pros and cons for fitting the flooring first and then the staircase


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Hi, I would fit the floor first 100%, to keep the first stair riser at an even height.. Obviously dont fit the stair case on the finished flooring unless its a tiled floor


Answered 13th Dec 2019

What sort of flooring are you doing? I personally would fit the stair case first to avoid any potential damages to the new flooring and the staircase will also be sat on a concrete surface rather than flooring which will adjust as its setting.


Answered 13th Dec 2019

Ideally it would be great to lay a floor with not having to cut around newel posts etc but the stairs are usually measured up when joists/floor and sreed is done.Also laying floor first the chances of scratching is greater unless it’s tiled.


Answered 13th Dec 2019

I would definitely fit the floor first


Answered 12th Dec 2019

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