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Is it relatively easy to replace a Full newel post on the landing if the boards are already up?
The rest of the base and top rails are already removed.

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There are alot of methods to secure newel post as long as you have solid base to fix to ( structural joist or an old newel post base to join to)
Personally I like a zip bolt post fastener, is a quick and easy way for a non wobble post. Only down side to a zip bolt is you will need to fabricate your own wooden capping to hide the hole in the post.
Also dont forget to check building regulations for height when installing new hand rails spindles and newel post's.


Answered 13th Jan 2020

It can be a little bit tricky but if you take your time and make sure the joints are tight it will be fine


Answered 10th Dec 2019

Replacing newell post on landing requires entire staircase disassembly


Answered 10th Dec 2019

having the floor boards up would be more helpful with assessing the structure of the newel. Some newels can be removed with out effecting the stair structure (will require care and time) unfortunately newels are integral and most can not be removed without removing or damaging the stairs. A better practice would be to use a contemporary newel which is a new post attached to existing post. This requires chopping old post 100 to 150mm above floor level drilling and chopping a hole through top of left over newel to create a pocket for new post to sit into. The new post which will have a dowel formed on the bottom of it (comes that way). that would be the measurements of the pocket needed to be created. Finally with Strong glue apply to hole and dowel and slot together alining post. Plump tempory brace to floor boards until glue goes of. Much better way than trying to remove full post. Hope this has helped.


Answered 11th Dec 2019

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