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Led bathroom mirrors

I have 2 LED Bathroom mirrors with the following problems:
(1) On one mirror the light does not want to switch off – when the light sensor/switch is pressed the light only “dims” slightly but does not switch off.
(2) The other mirrors sensor/switch does not work at all and the LED lightning strip does not light up at all

Can this be repaired, or should I replace the mirrors?

(Both are still quite new, but the developer has not left any paperwork or guarantees with me and he is not responding to my emails)

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Both faults are fixable but it depends on the make.
If it's one of those cheap units than your best option is to purchase good quality mirrors.
You mentioned Developer which sounds like you are in a new build.
If that's the case and as you say the items are new, contact the building regulations and see if they can help you, All new build & Electricial installation are covered by the building regulations.


Answered 10th Dec 2019

The mirror which didn't switch off by the description you gave its sound like the water/steam get in the electric circuit of the switch which crate a contact between negative and positive and the power its continued all the time . My advice you need electrician to check it over before replace as could be just simple fix


Answered 5th Dec 2019

Installer, user or doubtfully manufacturer error...............!!


Answered 30th Dec 2019

Developers and any tradesmen/women should leave instructions for any items fitted


Answered 1st Jan 2020

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