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Party wall notice

I am planning on building a rear single story extension, a loft conversion and knocking out the chimney.

1. Do I need to serve a party wall notice for single story extension if it will not be physically touching the boundary wall (they haven't got an extension)?

2. Can I put knocking out chimney both downstairs and up and loft conversion and single story extension (if required) all on one party wall notice, or do they need to all be separate?

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You will need to notify your adjoining owner if you propose work to the dividing (party wall) that is structural.

You will need to notify if the foundation of the extension crosses the boundary line.

You only need one notice.

Please give us a call if you would like to get this right as timing it is crucial in a project. We can help you with this. If done at the wrong time it can delay the project possible by 6-8 months.


Answered 5th Dec 2019

In addition to the previous answer you may need to serve a notice if your foundations are going to be lower than your neighbours foundation if within 3m, this can happen if your property is already lower than your neighbours (eg. on a hill). I would also advise that you speak to your neighbours as soon as possible and either give the notice or advise that you are going to. There are party wall surveyors that are approaching the neighbours of people doing work and offering their services for free (to the neighbour), you would be liable for any party wall surveyors fees of your neighbours.


Answered 11th Dec 2019

If the proposed foundations of your extension are within 3m of your neighbours property then yes you will need to serve them a 3m Notice, as detailed by the Party Wall etc Act 1996. This is best done by a Party Wall Surveyor. The adj. owner then has 14 day with which to respond, you are essentially asking them to consent to the principle of the works. If the adj owner does not respond within that 14 day period a dispute has been seen to arisen and then you will need to appoint a Part Wall Surveyor to resolve the dispute, they do this by drawing up a Party Wall Award, this contains a Schedule of Condition that is carried out before the works commence. Best Wishes Lee Davidson RIBA


Answered 15th Dec 2019

1) Under Section 1 of 1996 Party Wall Act, any new building which will be erected within 3.00 m from the boundary line is subject to notification, regardless if it is touching the boundary line or not.
The reason why is simple: when your builder excavates the trench for the foundation of your new extension, the (potential) terrain movement can affect the stability of your neighbour's house.

2) You may serve a single Party Wall notice, however, you should state ALL the different proposed works, and under which Section of the Act they will fall. An incorrect notice may create issues, instead of solving them, especially if you are not in good terms with your neighbour.


Answered 15th Dec 2019

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