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Internal sliding door

The door to my en suite currently opens inwards leaving a very awkward space.
The bedroom and bathroom are in need of a refurb and I’m considering having a sliding door fitted as think this may resolve the space issue.
Would I need to remove the existing door frame? Would this need to be done before plastering? I would welcome any advice on sliding doors, what I should be looking for, any suggestions on brands etc.

Many thanks

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You could get a hidden door installed. In the woodwork between the plasterboard.


Answered 5th Dec 2019

Hi a pocket door may well be the answer. This would need to be looked at fully to see what works would be required to install one of these.


Answered 5th Dec 2019

A POCKET DOOR would be best suited for this problem,plasterer always makes good after carpenter has fitted door , carpenter will then come back to fit ARCHITRAVES.hope I've been of some use in this question.many thanks Simon Huxley.


Answered 5th Dec 2019

You will need to take at least one side of the plasterboard off so you can expose what the wall is made of and remove the door frame and some timbers and re strengthen the wall ready to take the sliding door and yes this will be the first job before any plastering is done


Answered 6th Dec 2019

I agree with the answers above, although you will have to remove all of the wall on both sides to fit a pocket door to at least five feet to the closing point. Hopefully it’s a stud’timber’wall.
Another option is to fit an external sliding system. Cheaper but not particularly attractive.
Henderson systems are the ones I’ve always used. They’ve been trading since Adam was a boy and have a good reputation.


Answered 15th Dec 2019

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