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Hollow cottage doors

Hi, I've just decorated the upstairs of my house and am wanting to replace the old doors with some new cottage style doors, due to pricing and also wanting a white finish, we've decided on the hollow white primed style. But the sizing of the doors means I'll need to trim 2cm off each side. Is this an acceptable amount (I know on the door it says maximum 6mm) but I've read somewhere that there is abit more leeway.
Thank you

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At the top/bottom of the door you should be able to see how much timber you have each side of the door. Measure that and that’s how much you can take off (leaving at least 10mm each side).


Answered 3rd Dec 2019

I personally would advise against cutting down hollow doors by that much the timber frame that makes up the doors is only around 25-30 mm square so the strength of doors would be severely compromised I would go for solid timber doors if that much is needed to be trimmed off


Answered 3rd Dec 2019

The framework on a hollow door at the sides is probably no more than 30 to 40mm,therefore taking 20mm away would in my opinion weaken the door considerably.


Answered 3rd Dec 2019

I would take off no more than 6mm either side of the door as this certainly will compromise the integrity of the door and you will find that the hinge side will split and cause the doors to jamb or eventually fall off, this will certainly be the case especially with the construction of the hollow embossed internal doors. As an alternative to planing that amount off the door, it would be more prudent and also cost-effective in the long run to replace the lining to suit the door.
Hope this helps?


Answered 6th Dec 2019

It’s too much to take off. You need a smaller size or a solid wood door.


Answered 6th Dec 2019

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