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can you paint radiators with white gloss paint instead of raidiator paint? thanks

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take this from a plumber who knows better than painters the whole point and design of a rad is to produce as much heat as possible.The factory enamel coating is designed to produce optimun heat,the more non enamel paint you put on the less performance you will get from your radiator .I always advise all of my customers to never put undercoat or gloss paint on only ever use the paints designed for the correct use.


Answered 13th May 2021

No you cannot paint radiators with oil paints they will yellow after a short time .You must use a water based gloss paint or even a good quality emulsion. That so called special rad paint they sell in D I Y is just another con . PROCTOR DECORATING.


Answered 13th May 2021

You are better off painting radiators your radiators with undercoat first with oil based undercoat and then finishing them with a radiator enamel as gloss will go yellow very quick from use. and depeding on how hot they get they will be yellow again within 2 - 3 weeks.
Hope this helps


Answered 13th May 2021

hello, yes you can paint the radiators but the heat from the radiator will cause the paint to develop a yellow tint in a few months especially if its a cheap diy paint.You can get special radiator paint with a gloss finish which require minimal preperation from most good diy stores or pop into your local Dulux or Brewers Decorating centre and im sure they will be happy to assist


Answered 13th May 2021

Yep not a problem to paint the radiator in gloss, it will yellow quicker than all other woodwork as some have said. Another way is to use vinyl silk emusion!


Answered 13th May 2021

yes that would be no problem just as long as you paint the radiator with undercoat first


Answered 13th May 2021

Simply answer to that is yes you can paint radiators. I prefer it.

Kind Regards
James Cantlon


Answered 13th May 2021

yes you can paint radiators with undercost and gloss paint.


Answered 13th May 2021

Yes you can paint your radiators, but it might Discolour quicker & crack with the heating. Radiator paint has diferent propertys in it to be flexible so as not to crack under heat.


Answered 13th May 2021

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