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Double sprung hinges

Door dropping from top hinge. Hinge right size for door weight tensioned correctly totally frustrated HELP !!

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Check the screws as they may be stripped.


Answered 28th Nov 2019

Use a ball bearing hinges and put a third in the centre this will work


Answered 28th Nov 2019

Plug screw holes with match sticks 👌 also add a 3rd hinge, middle or two thirds up, thank me later 😊


Answered 29th Nov 2019

It is a possibility that the hinges are at fault double sprung hinges are not always suitable


Answered 1st Dec 2019

Double sprung hinges can be a swine. It sounds to me as if the tension isn’t right on the top hinge. Continue to tension both barrels one hole at a time using a nail punch to lever over the spring until you have maximum tension it should take up the slack. You can always let them off later. Just be careful not to damage the holes as they look shabby and don’t hold the locating pin if they are elongated. Be careful of your fingers if those things snap back it really hurts:)
I know you say the hinges are for the weight of the door but double check.


Answered 15th Dec 2019

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