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Can i apply osmo oil to oak doors after they are hung and is it a skilled job?

I've just bought unfinished oak doors from howdens (dordogne), doors are to be hung tomorrow. Can I apply Osmo Oli after they are hung or does it need to be done before? Is it a skilled job requiring a professional or it is an easy DIY job that its hard to get wrong?


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Its very simple to apply Osmo, a soft brush or soft cloth is easiest.
Also apply thin coats,dont over work.


Answered 26th Nov 2019

As the doors are unfinished it would be better to ask the door fitter to coat the top and bottom before he hangs them as u will struggle once they are fitted (especially the bottom). The sides and edges can be done after they are hung but be careful to wedge the doors open until the oil has dried or u may get nasty marks on both the door and door casing(door frame). Thsnks


Answered 26th Nov 2019

yes you can, and no its not a skilled job


Answered 26th Nov 2019

Apply thin coats of Osmo, coat the bottom of the door first, everything else can be done when the door has been hung. Use a brush or a cloth


Answered 26th Nov 2019

Yes oil them after hanging,use a cloth or ideally a specialist applicator,but they’re not cheap. Brushing can leave a patchy finish.


Answered 15th Dec 2019

Agreed, yes either OSMO or fiddes hardwax oil (dries in half the time) with a soft cloth


Answered 22nd Jan 2020

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