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Underlay fitting to concrete floor

What's the best method for securing underlay to a concrete floor as staples are clearly not going to work? Adhesive or double sided tape?

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Hi, spray adhesive or double sided tape will do the job.


Answered 25th Nov 2019

It can be a doublesided tape but i prefer full-area bonding


Answered 25th Nov 2019

Spray adhesive


Answered 25th Nov 2019

I always use spray adhesive 👍


Answered 5th Jan 2020

the best way to secure underlay to concrete is use a professional fitter


Answered 11th Feb 2020

I presume that you are regarding to the underlay for electric under floor heating?

If so this is usually secured using floor tile adhesive


Answered 25th Nov 2019

You can use spray contact adhesive. You spray the concrete and the underlay separately and then once they are both dry you can lay the underlay and press firmly for a second or two. You can get the spray from screwfix and most other trade/DIY merchants


Answered 25th Nov 2019

Spray adhesive on edges and joins. Tape all underlay joins too


Answered 25th Nov 2019

Hi I'd would use adhesive to stick the underlay to the concrete floor


Answered 25th Nov 2019

Spray contact adhesive would be the best method but double sided tape could be used depending on the sub floor


Answered 25th Nov 2019

Double sided tape will do but make sure the area is clean as dust free


Answered 26th Nov 2019

Spray adhesive is the best option, I would not advise double sided tape it can dry out and go crispy and also not get a good bond unless you spray adhesive around the room first to seal the dust etc, ( then you wouldn’t need the tape anyway! )

Spray edges and the joins and then secure the joins with tape if you want a proper job.


Answered 11th Dec 2019

I have always used contact spray adhesive.


Answered 23rd Jan 2020

Spray adhesive around the perimeter , close as possible to the floor , then fold half the underlay back and spray the floor and underlay you’ve rolled back to double stick , shake the van as you stay to create a webbing formation for better grab. Place underlay down and apply pressure with hands to secure to subfloor.


Answered 24th Jan 2020

If you open your carpet out first in the position ready for fitting pull half back fit your underlay then put the carpet on top repeat the other side this way you don't need underlay or you could use pva adhesive just put some in a washing up bottle run a small bead cross on the floor this a great way to secure the under and you don't get all the bad fumes from spray adhesive


Answered 9th Jun 2020

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