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Poor tree is dying help

Please help. My beloved tree is dying ;(((( tree id deading. Please can anyone provide medical support to my tree. I THINK He needs tree anasteahsia. sorry caps lock

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I'll need to make an assessment of what is the cause, and the clients expectation of the tree. It may be due to ground conditions, be suffering from a pest or disease, decay from wounds or the tree may be even be over-mature by which we mean due to its age or size it is not able to perform as intended anymore.

However, Many issues are treatable.

Oliver Allen


Answered 25th Nov 2019

As above, there can be many reasons for its decline. A site visit is the first port of call to assess whats going on.


Answered 27th Nov 2019

Trees have life stages, from saplings to mature veterans and each stage is identifiable. Growth of trees can be assessed and this may vary according to biotic (pest, disease, browsing) or abiotic stress (root damage, compaction, salt and mower damage) which may cause symptoms of dying.

I would start at the roots..mulching, de-compaction with a fork or airspade and/or feed with nutrients. This may help recovery.

Images of the tree roots, trunk and canopy are useful (when in leaf) for health assessments.


Answered 4th Dec 2019

It sounds as if the tree is in poor health.

Without a tree survey looking at many factors, it is impossible to say. It is rarely one factor that leads to the failure of a tree.

I can come and assess your tree if you’d like me to.

Many thanks



Answered 7th Dec 2019

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