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I am looking into a self building conservatory, however, would need to pay someone to do the foundations and base. Would this still work out cheaper than paying someone to do the whole lot?

Edit - I meant to state would it work out cheaper to buy the conservatory and pay someone to do the foundations and base rather than paying someone to do the supply and build.

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In my experience yes it could work out cheaper if you know or have a friend or family member that is competent to carry out this task.
In most cases getting the same company to do the complete job will save you money with them normally giving a discount to do this, plus it takes away any arguments between builder and company should any issues arise.
Getting one company is normally your best option in my experience, we do mostly the complete job but we also do just the frames and roof on existing base.

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Answered 21st Nov 2019

Well truly advise to have a experienced builder to do the base. There is also a lot of planning to build a conservatory and I would recommend you have someone with experience to fit the frames, glass and roof. You got to take into account, the lead work as well, then there’s the electrics, plumbing and plastering. Then the finished touches. I overall think that there is a good chance you will get it wrong first time around and you probably will not save any money. Hope that helps you.
Neil T


Answered 21st Nov 2019

It’s better to get plans and survey from the conservatory company and have a separate builder from past experience as most window company do not understand building regulations and as they try to do it cheap to get the work the do not do the foundation deep enough and miss things off like drains, plastering ect and can cost the customer more money.


Answered 23rd Nov 2019

It is better to instruct one contractor to carry out the whole project. This means you will get a complete gaurentee on the hole structure and not have anyone blaming the other if any issues arise in the future. Also it would mean the project would take longer as no glazing company is going to order frames and a roof system off of dimensions supplied by someone whos work they don't know. The base only has to be out of square or level by less than inch to create alot of issues for the installation of the frames and roof. Meaning the base would need to be completed and inspected before any frames/roof could be ordered, adding potentially weeks to the project. You would generally get a much better finish if you use trades which are used to working together.


Answered 28th Nov 2019

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