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Should my builder be making his own timber frame, and how should this be constructed?

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Yes, it’s perfectly ok to construct your own timber frame, 100x50mm studs at 400mm centres is the norm unless otherwise stated and a good quality plywood


Answered 20th Nov 2019

when you say timber frame we need some more information is the a wall or building shed or house?


Answered 20th Nov 2019

Tell him to trust a tradesman


Answered 20th Nov 2019

Timber frame is a structural system constructed from timber studs.
Generally - yes. The builder can make his own timber frame if he has knowledge and experience, but please do not forget that the timber frame must be designed and constructed properly, no matter the construction shell.


Answered 20th Nov 2019

Yes there is no reason as to why not if he or she is follwing a enginners drawings whats different about it


Answered 20th Nov 2019

Yes i make timber frames all the time..
Materals depends on what he is building and it should be screwed together with nogins too
Cheers colin


Answered 20th Nov 2019

It's all of the above


Answered 20th Nov 2019

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