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Mould in void under flooring

We have a 1920s semi detached that has got mould on the rubble in the void below floor joists and floorboards (void approx 1-1.5ft below floor joists).
what would be the best way to treat/remove this mould?
Many thanks in advance.

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Not enough ventilation.


Answered 22nd Nov 2019

As previously answered the most probable cause is a lack of ventilation. Firstly I would check that any air vents are clear and allowing free flow of air. Then to treat the existing mould I would either use an appropriate fungicide spray or a strong bleach solution to kill the mould.


Answered 22nd Nov 2019

As both above have said, you need to make sure you have good ventilation and check air bricks are not blocked up etc, J have had to do a lot of jobs like this and have seen some very rotten floors, i have renewed all joists and made sure everything is treated


Answered 22nd Nov 2019

Is the ground level out side higher than inside if so u need too raise rubble too out side level and concrete subfloor with D P C cover under concrete


Answered 22nd Nov 2019

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