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I have just had four ceilings skimmed and one of them has just fallen down

it was just the new skim that has fallen down, I trust the plasterer and hope it is just one of those things, so far the other larger ceilings haven't come down so fingers crossed !! I am worried though as the ceiling skim that fell down is due to be a nursery. The skim was put up over the old ceiling artex type stuff.

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what exactly has fallen down?
Has the new skim plaster come away from the existing ceiling or has the complete lot fallen down?
What ceiling construction are they,original lath & plaster or plaster board?
If you could give me the answers,i can tell you exactly what has happened & how to rectify it.



Thankyou for the additional info although you still havent said if your ceilings are board or lath & plaster,but you have said it is just the skim plaster that has fallen off so i will go off that..............

I for one would NOT trust your 'plasterer'.
If he knew what he was doing,the skim on the ceiling should never have come off & isn't just 'one of those things'.
I would almost certainly question the other ceilings as well.
It appears that the background wasn't prepped properly,i.e. bonded/ you know if he did this for definate before skimming?
If the ceilings were painted with a shiny/glossy paint,then thistle bond-it/febond blue grit or similar product should've been used for a better 'key'.

Your 'plasterer' is TOTALLY 100% responsible for what has happened.
Don't let him try to fob you off with any excuses.
He either hasn't got a clue or he was taking can NEVER take chances on ceiling work,and unfortunately you have found out first hand that someone has.
And i'm sure that other trades reading about this will also be thankful that it has happened now rather than later for obvious reasons.

Assuming you haven't already done so,I would immediately demand a full refund,in writing & make copies.
Not a partial refund.......a FULL refund.
Don't ask him back to rectify his mistakes,he obviously can't do the job right first time.

If he refuses a refund,threaten to take him to court & report him to Trading Standards.(that could cost him a lot more in the long run than giving you a full refund,news about a bad tradesperson can travel fast........let him know that as well).
If he still refuses,then carry out your threats to the fullest extent.
Please remember,make copies of any correspondence & even recordings of phone calls if you can.

In the meantime,get a plasterer round who knows what they are doing.
I think in light of what's happened & to the uncertainty of the skim on the remaining ceilings,the best way forward now IMO would be to overboard the ceilings & skim to give you complete peace of mind.
Boarding will also be the best way if your ceilings do happen to be lath & plaster,if he has re-skimmed over lath & plaster,that's even more shocking!
If they are really badly bowed,they may have to come down first,but i'm sure an experienced plasterer will be able to advise you on the best way forward after a site visit.
I'm sure you will find one in your area on MyBuilder with good feedback.

If possible,i would do this sooner rather than later.

Good luck with everything & best wishes for the future.



Answered 2nd Apr 2011

As Carl has said, Question a bit vague as to what has come down but will take a guess,
If its the new skim thats come away from existing ceiling, then he hasnt done his prep work properly ie, clean and pva ceilings, so its his responsibility.
You also say the other ceilings have bows in them, so I am assuming he has plastered over existing, in which case he should have checked the state of the ceilings before hand.
If they are that unsound I personally would take them down, reboard and skim.
If its lath and plaster, its a messy job, not so bad if its board which you may be able to pull back up with plenty of board screws.
Which ever way it needs sorting, I would only get your plasterer back so you can recover what you paid him, then pick a plasterer of this site.


Answered 2nd Apr 2011

the plasterer who done your ceilings is totally responsible for the repairs . he should of made sure that they were properly sealed with a pva solution before skimming as the plaster will dry out to quick and just fall away ....if he has done the same to all ceilings then they are likely to go the same way ..makes me cross as this could of been a childs bedroom ,someone could of got hurt ,,get another plasterer in who knows what their doing say you trust the plasterer and it was just one of those things ,sorry but if the job was done correctly to start with it would not of happened ..skimming over artex is fine and normally gives a good key for the new plaster as long as it is sealed with a good quality pva state that the room was going to be a nursery ,,im thankful it came down now rather then later ..


Answered 3rd Apr 2011

Hi, when you say fallen down is it just the plaster that's fallen down or the plasterboard too?


Answered 2nd Apr 2011

The plasterer as mentioned before is responsible for the ceiling he has plastered, he should be willing to come and rectify the work. The job may not have been prepared correctly to start with i.e. scraped back sufficiently or the PVA was not applied a number of time over to ensure the plaster bonds with the current ceiling, or maybe the aertex was initially live (blown) and this may have had something to do with the plaster coming down, however this would be more if the ceiling was a down stairs ceiling and was experiencing movement above etc. As this ceiling is going to be in a nursery I would take no chances and apply plasterboard over the existing ceiling and re-skim.


Answered 6th Apr 2011

hi my fellow tradesmen have said it all get him back an get ur cash back as for the bowed ceilings alothough messy best rip down the bowed sections re board those check the rest of the ceiling for bose plaster then bond and skimm or ripp the lot down and reboard and skimm


Answered 8th Apr 2011

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