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How to install upvc sash windows


I would like to replace the casement windows in my place with upvc sash. I would like to do it myself to save some money. The issue I am worried about is the shape of the opening through the wall. The opening is not flash trough the wall but rather makes a L shape . As far as I understand this is the typical opening for sash since the box frame of the sash is set into the brickwork and is flush with the inside wall. The walls are old brick victorian.

I have measure the recessed part of the inside wall and is 135 mm. The upvc windows I would like to buy are 135 mm as well. The question is how to you fix the mounting brackets that come with the windows to the wall? Do you bend them to 90 degrees?

I was thinking of make the opening flush by using some timber so that I will have 100 mm more to play with. So having 235 mm of flush opening would allow me to position the windows as I wish and also leave some room to fix the brackets.

Any suggestions is highly appreciated.

Thanks all

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They don’t have brackets, when you have the glass out and fit the frame in place , you screw through the frame with 100mm frame fixing concrete screws, top, sides and bottom, then put glass in and fit beading back around glass


Answered 20th Nov 2019

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