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No cold water from kitchen

My cold tap in the kitchen was running cloudy and now is not running at all, nothing going into the washing machine and the toilet won’t flush either. Any suggestions on what it could be please?

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There is a problem downstream. If you give me a call I'd be happy to attend and take a look.
Kind regards, Nick
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Answered 17th Nov 2019

Hi Stacy. Sounds like a possible burst underground mains pipe. Ways to check yourself are:-

If you have a water meter, is the dial spinning? or, using a wooden spoon against your ear on your mains stop cock, can you hear a "rushing" sound?

A burst, then you will need a plumber... get 3 quotes if possible.

Regards, Bob.


Answered 19th Nov 2019

Check if neighbour's have water or go online and see if there are any mains repairs. If not follow other answers


Answered 8th Dec 2019

Check whether your neighbours are suffering from the same issue.
This could happen if there's emergency work being done on main water lines.
You can also find out by contacting your water supplier.


Answered 15th Dec 2019

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