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Drainage leaking

I live on end terraced property and there is gap between mine and neighbour property.

Neighbour has drainage spetic tank that is overflowing and I think water is rolling down on to near my property foundation...external side wall.

I am worried that water from Thier drainage is going into foundations of my property ?

I have asked the neighbors to clear it, but it's 2 flat and no one wants to accept responsibility on who that drainage belongs to. Can water company or Thames water tell me who the drainage belongs to ?

I have picture I can provide.

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You need to call environmental health as that is effluent which is draining towards your property which is bad for your family’s health .Septic tanks are normally privately owned and have nothing to do with your local water companies, Septic systems are to be banned soon with newer sewage treatment systems designed to be more effective and cleaner on any new or replacement systems needing to be installed.find out who is using this tank and make them clean it up fast


Answered 17th Nov 2019

It is your neighbours respite clean it up as the foul water has come from their septic tank. If they refuse speak to your local council or environmental Agency as this is a health hazard


Answered 27th Feb 2020

If flats next door both I would off thought would be on same system as no drainage at property


Answered 3rd Dec 2019

The previous answer was correct but you can also inform your local council as seeping from septic waste is a serious issue now .They will tell you who owns the property and who is accountable for the waste


Answered 5th Dec 2019

I agree with the answer provided to a certain extent. There are rules and conditions set out at the council with ownership and use of septic tanks.
Call environmental health at the council, inform them that the tank is not being maintained and is overflowing with waiste and is running onto your property . This is a serious health risk to yourself and family. Once involved the environmental health department at the council should be able to force action, and if residents fail to comply between the two of them, then the council will then take legal action.


Answered 12th Dec 2019

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