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Colour match wood stain/varnish

Hi do you know if it is possible to colour match wood stain/varnish in the same way it can be done with paints?

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Hi there, it can be done and you could do close match, but you'd have to invest either in few different shades of given colour to do close match or try to get small tin samples and do wee check on same type of wood, perhaps on invisible part of it, if it is let say furniture of some sort or wooden board that you want to match with whatever it might be. General principle is the same in both cases of paint and varnish/stain. Ideally product have to be from the same brand to avoid strange chemical interaction between two different compounds. I hope it helps a little bit.


Answered 31st Dec 2019

It's not something I am aware of as being offered as a service. Most restorers or cabinet makers will mix stains to achieve a desired colour. it's always a tricky thing to get right especially if new wood is used - due to the natural darkening which can occur after staining.
For small damages then coloured wax can used, and blended to make chips etc next to invisible. Liberon market a set


Answered 31st Dec 2019

If you go to a French polisher they should be able to make up a matching stain for you .


Answered 31st Dec 2019

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