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Is it a bad idea to replace cross braces between joists with solid blocks?

I am looking to place acoustic plasterboard between ceiling joists from below...inset about 2 inches from the bottom edge of the joists. However there are 8 wooden cross braces which are flush with the bottom edge of the joists...Its not a big room, would it be an issue to install some solid wooden blocks to keep the joists from potentially moving etc and then remove the cross braces?

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The cross bracing is designed to stop the joist from spreading and twisting. Solid block is a good way to stop this from happening so this would be a must if you intend to take out the cross bracing


Answered 12th Nov 2019

Yes it's ok to take out the cross bracing, one at a time putting in the soild bridgeing as you go .
You might have to cut around any pipes or wires that are there .
If you screw a lath to the side off each joist first up the distance you want then put the soild bridgeing in and then the plaster board.


Answered 12th Nov 2019

cross braces are also designed to,stop bounce if the floor moves it will affect the plasterboard ceiling


Answered 22nd Nov 2019

Yes solid block is ok All I would say is fit the solid blocks first before you remove the herring bone Fix the blocks along side


Answered 22nd Nov 2019

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