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Velux windows leaking in less than a year

I had 4 velux windows fitted in a new extension last year and in less than a year three of them are leaking. The company who fitted them have been round a couple of times but haven't checked thoroughly - all they did this week was remove some leaves which I told them wasn't the problem - and haven't fixed the leaks. Should I ask them to replace all the windows they fitted or is this a common problem with Velux skylights?

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You probably need new flashing kits fitted these kit can be changed without removing the velux windows


Answered 10th Nov 2019

Hi there
either the flashing kit has been fitted wrong or the slates or tiles have also not been put back in place correctly.
they are responsible to correct this, i would at least threaten to take them to smalls claims court if they do not fix it straight away.
then take this matter to small claims court.
Take lots of photo,s and film of this leaking
Kind Regards


Answered 10th Nov 2019

I suspect they have not been fitted properly or there is an issue with the flashings.
If I can’t see I can’t pass judgment.
Pitch of roof is also important.


Answered 10th Nov 2019

No Velux windows do not leak if fitted correctly and at a pitch of 15 degrees or more. I would suspect the tiling/ slating has been done incorrectly. Also possible that if it is a large profile roof tile , that the foam up the side channels of the flashing may have been cut wrongly or worse still removed all together and then driving rain could be a problem.


Answered 11th Nov 2019

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