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Internal door frames

how do you replace internal door frames?

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Use the services of a good carpenter, if only for expert advice and guidance if you want or feel confident enough to tackle the job yourself.


Answered 9th Nov 2019

If you feel confident enough to re-hang the door and fitting the new door frame. Remove the architrave from the frame. Using a wood hand saw cut the frame in the middle of the leg of the frame on a slight angle. Then you can pry a section of the frame off at a time this way not to disturb any of the surrounding plaster. Then repeat the opposite side, the frame should collapse on itself and be removed ready for a new door frame.


Answered 12th Nov 2019

You could Youtube hanging a door in an existing frame (Sharpen up your chisels and a plane and of you go) and do it yourself or employ a carpenter to deal with it. If it's an awkward frame you may find it hard to door if you've never shot a door in before.


Answered 10th Nov 2019

Remember to cover the floor area your working at.cut around the outside of the facings with a Stanley knife, then remove the facings and door checks, cut the frame in the middle at an angle so it doesn’t jam when your taking it out do this on both sides and remove both legs of the frame but watch in case the door lintel comes with the last piece try and be careful so the plaster around the door frame isn’t damaged


Answered 21st Nov 2019

Use an experienced carpenter not a job for novices


Answered 26th Nov 2019

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