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Removal of corrugated cement/asbestos garage roof

have a garage leaking like a sieve with corrugated cement/asbestos ? roof which needs to be disposed of and replaced with something simple and honest . your suggestions will be appreciated

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Your best bet would to get in contact with your local builder/roofer and find out if the roof is asbestos and if it is find a firm who is licensed to remove and carry it to dispose of it properly this is normally not cheap but if they have all licenses they will show you or done be afraid to ask there is only a selection of people who can do this and then after this is done get the new roof fitted in new corrugated roof or a new rubber vinyl roof kind regards Luke A&G house clearances


Answered 9th Nov 2019

I would first contact an asbestos removal company, they may simply ask you for a photo of the roof and be able to tell you if it needs specialist removal and disposal, if it doesn't I would then contact a builder/roofer for a quote to repair or replace.


Answered 15th Nov 2019

Legally you don't need a license to remove aspesdos sheeting so you could use a cheaper firm there is a process you have to wet the sheets and dismantle carefully put in double black bags with a red tag on a dispose of at a licensed asbestos tip


Answered 24th Nov 2019

The roof should be tested by a licensed company trained in taking samples safely.
The sample would be tested at a lab. If the sample is asbestos then the sheets would need to be removed by licensed and trained staff. The asbestos would be carefully removed, double sheeted and the area clean down using a Type H vacuum. The sheets would be taken to a licensed tip for disposal. A roofing company would then be able to recover the old roof in a selection of materials available today.


Answered 25th Nov 2019

samples need to be taken then if positive taken down by trained operatives who have passed cat b removal
damped down ,wrapped and put in sealed waste vehicle for transport
roofer will then finish it for you


Answered 4th Jan 2020

If you are unsure the roof is asbestos then have samples taken and if this comes back positive then we would advise you use a trained company with operatives who have passed cat b asbestos removal course, face fit testing and medicals for their employees, also have a environment licence to remove the Hazardous Waste, you should always receive a consignment note for the removal off the asbestos waste as this could come back on you if they fly tip the roof.
Make sure they are insured to remove asbestos this will be highlighted with Mybuilder on the home page if its not there they do not have it.
A good trained company will do the right work for you it takes just 5 min to email over the company documents so don't be put off.


Answered 20th Jan 2020

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