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Damp patch in house - condensation on windows

Hi All,

Apologies i had taken pictures to make things easier however you can’t seem to upload on here.

I have damp patch that keeps appearing at one of the top corners of the house. All of the moisture seems to soak into the wall at the too corner of my stair well.

I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to prevent or resolve this? The windows are bad for condensation and i am looking to replace all of my window panes as i have noticed that the condensation does not gather on three panes that i replaced previously. Does this sound like it might resolve the problem or will it simply mean slightly less condensation on the windows but more moisture back in the air to soak into the corner?

Hopefully this is clear enough and thanks in advance for any help.


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Condensation is caused by hot air meeting cold ie inside window pain outside window pane.Somtimes it can be made worse if the radiator is directly below the window.Check to make sure the window seals aren’t worn and letting drafts through on the opening sashes.Changing the glass units to energy saving glass with argon filled units might help depending on how bad it is but is not guaranteed to stop it completely.


Answered 7th Nov 2019

Hi Si
From the message you have written, am under the impression the property has another floor above. If so do you have a bathroom or shower situated on the top floor? If that is true... you may need to call in a bathroom fitter as there is a potential lick e.g. seal gap on the bath/shower or tiles or even displacing of the waste pipe that needs tightening or repositioning.

I do apologise if seems hypothetical, but its difficult to understand issues of damp without images or site evaluation.

Tip: consider using anti-damp paint or water resistant paint to avoid smell build up and damp marks on walls.

Hope that helps.
Best regards


Answered 8th Nov 2019

Hi there regarding your damp mark have you checked that there is no leak from roof or gutters? As this is often the case. Resolving the condensation issue will also help, you could also try putting in a dehumidifier. If this is close to your bathroom ensure when you shower or run hot water the a window is slightly open to allow any build up of steam this is also common cause of dampness. I hope this helps with your issue.


Answered 7th Nov 2019

Hi there
can i ask if u have the trickle vents open on your windows ? as well as bare walls just painted with no wallpaper on them?
is the said room a kitchen or bathroom or near one
kind regards


Answered 7th Nov 2019

Hi there are a few things that could be the problem, there might be an issue with the roof ie a leak somewhere or it could be that there is not enough ventilation in the roof space, it could also be that the windows might need a vent on them if at all possible, with out seeing it in person it is hard to pin point the problem but it would be a fixable problem I’m sure.


Answered 7th Nov 2019

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