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5 year warrenty on seals?

Hi i had some PVC windows installed a few months ago. I was told that they had a 10 year guarantee. Now after asking for the written guarantee i see the seals have been guaranteed for 5 years only. This seem sort to me and not what i expected any advice is this usual??

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i put 5 years on my units, i know they are fabricated well and will last years but cant be going back to jobs in 15 years time for 1 unit, not because i dont think they will last that long but because its not cost efficient, if you buy a car it may last you 20 years but you only get 3 year warranty for same reason


Answered 7th Nov 2019

there is normally a 5 year on units by the manufacturer but if they fit properly they normally last. The units start to go after 10years normally, but saying that if he said he would give ten years ask him to give in writing. hope this helps


Answered 12th Nov 2019

Normally when yo give 10 years warranty there need to be specify what is covered and what not covered. Profiles are guaranteed 10 years including seals as well as the hardware 10 years guarantee, secure by design, and so one.
Anyway as advice for all, ask the agreement with what there guarantee cover, check and sign if everything clear, otherwise something contrary myth happen.


Answered 13th Nov 2019

It is normal to different guarantees for different bits, ie moving parts are only ever covered for 12 months
However if you used a Fensa or Certass registers installer? The minimum they are allowed to guarantee double glazed units is 7 or 8 years I think?
So if not sure contact Certass or Fensa (which ever your installer is with) and explain to them about the 5 year Guarenttee and they will sort


Answered 12th Nov 2019

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