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What shower unit do i need?

Seems to be a minefield of options when searching for a new replacement electric shower unit.

My old original Triton Ivory unit has packed up recently, so was wondering what im looking for to replace. A 7.5kw? 8.5kw? 9.5kw?


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The size of cable required is determined by the kW rating of the shower, the distance between the shower and the consumer unit. You need to find out the size of the existing cable before you buy an upgrade. Get advice from a qualified electrician.


Answered 6th Nov 2019

If you are considering replacing your electric shower the KW rating of the replacement will be governed by the capacity of the incoming supply to the bathroom

The size in KW rating will depend on the size of the main supply ccable from the consumer unit

If it is 6mm twin an earth this will reistrict which size replacement shower you can fit

This can only be decided once the original supply size has been confirmed and then you can choose an appropriate new electric shower

Remember the greater the KW of the shower the more effective the shower will be

David Paddison

Bathroom fitter


Answered 6th Nov 2019

U need to check cable size 6mm or 10mm . Also breaker size in amps . So more kw shower bigger cable bigger cable . my advice do it the easy way post the job on here for supply and fit .


Answered 6th Nov 2019

You will need to contact the local electricity company. They will check the supply and carry out what is necessary.


Answered 8th Nov 2019

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