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Perko door closer

Hi Guys,

Looking for a bit of advice.

I recently moved into a flat and I noticed all the internal doors are fitted with door closers. I am looking to alter or remove these if possible and one of the closers already has the plate removed from the door frame and from what I can gather the spring is stuck right up the barrel. Is there any way to get the spring back out and held with a plate or is it completely knackered?



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You will have to take it out completely and replace with new one .
They are there for fire regulation and must stay in place ,or replaced with over head arm closers.


Answered 1st Nov 2019

Hard to say with out looking at it,but the ones you buy as new have a tool that holds on the chain which allows you to screw to the frame
But they can be done with plyers and a bit of patience


Answered 2nd Nov 2019

It sounds like what you have is a concealed automatic door closer, most commonly named and manufactured by 'Perko'.

They are fitted to fire check doors to keep them shut, in case of fire to provide protection. You should keep them in place. I know they can be annoying at times to live with , but they are there for a good reason.

If you attempt to fit back to the door frame , caution is needed as the spring is under extreme tension and can cause injury.

Best left to a professional to remove or re-fit

However, if you want to remove the one that is already off of the frame, simply twist the back plate at right angles to allow access to the 4 screws into the door , remove them and pull out the cylinder tube that is in the door.

Anything other than this , you should get a professional to carryout the work

Hope this helps,




Answered 2nd Nov 2019

It's better to remove the door and replace it with a new fire door fire handles and fire hinges.



Answered 5th Nov 2019

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