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Wifi light switches with hive and alexa

Can anyone recommend some decent light switches that are WiFi and work with hive and Alexa, seen a few out there but thought I’d ask if any sparky has fitted and used them, obviously I’ll have to post a job to fit them correctly once bought

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Like you say, there are lots to choose from and it all depends on what system you choose and how your existing switches are wired.
If you want to continue to use them on the hive platform and use their app to control them, you have to buy their light bulbs and retro fit them into your existing light fittings. They don’t do a switch that you replace yours with so the idea is, you leave your switch in the ‘on’ position and let the app control it from there. This is a very simple way to control your lighting and it’s something anyone can do, no electrician needed. The downside to this method is it can get quite pricy as some of today’s fittings have 4 or 5 lamps in so they all need to be changed. Another problem can be if the switch inadvertently gets turned off.
The alternative to this system is to fit a completely different brand, one that includes switches. This way means you can replace the switch to control the existing fitting and your existing lamps (bulbs). A couple of things to consider here is how your switch has been wired. A lot of the WiFi switches out there require there to be a neutral in the back of the switch, older properties have their neutral behind the light so this means the switch needs to work without a neutral. They do exist but I haven’t fitted them, I have heard they do work just fine though.
The last option is to fit modules behind the fittings. Click do a very good system which I’ve used for all sorts of applications around the home but can get very costly.
Hope this helps a little bit, their is so much kit out there in the market for me to list but hopefully this will help you better understand what options you have.
Many thanks
Smart Thinking Electrical.


Answered 1st Nov 2019

I have quoted to use a product call lightwave as these use the Alexa and Google home. Hive also do there own system look into it.


Answered 1st Nov 2019

Hi, I have fitted the Kinetic switch units from TLC electrical, they do a number of permeations that fit all different needs. Fitted loads around my house too on voice control and no problems with them. They do socket adapters for lamps etc too. Dimming units. Can set timer function through phone app. Can link devices together so one voice control turns nominated areas on in sync. Options are huge.. well priced. Well worth a look.. KR PB Castle Manor Electrical :)


Answered 22nd Nov 2019

Often these things need a neutral at the switch.... There is a brand called “Light wave” that can retro fit as a replacement for any existing switch regardless of neutrals. It is also possible to set up slave switches with Lightwave so that you can add extra switches without a direct connection to the light so long as the original switch to the light is replaced with a light wave also. The whole thing is controlled via a hub which is connected to your home router and gives you additional features and calibration options via a mobile/tablet app. You can also use it with Alexa, zigby, home hub or other popular voice activated control systems of which there are too many to name. Once initially set up you no longer require internet access though if you maintain an internet connection you can control the switches using the app even when you’re not at home, often people use this feature as an addition to their home security while away.
Light Wave.


Answered 14th Nov 2019

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