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Replace timber window sills with upvc


Looking at buying a new house and the survey has stated the following:

in need to of some attentive repair and redecoration as the staining used to protect the timber was seen to be flaking leaving some areas of timber exposed. I also noted some water staining to the internal wall beneath the window to bedroom 1, these stains were dry when tested for dampness, but it would be indicative of rainwater ingress at some point in the past. I would therefore advise that the seal around all parts of the windows are checked by an appropriately qualified contractor for weather-tightness as soon as possible.

Some of the window handles to the steel framed units were stiff and will require some adjustment.

Some of the external window sills were missing an important detail to the underside known as a drip, which is a curved channel cut into the underside of the window sills. The drip prevents rainwater from returning back to wall and simply drops away from the wall via the drip. You should therefore ask an appropriately qualified contractor to fit drips to all window sills as

From this, I am thinking the best answer would be to replace the sills, and I am thinking uPvc. Any indication to cost? I am in Kent.

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It sounds like you have very old aluminium dg fitted into hardwood frames or steel windows into hardwood? You can’t really fit a satisfactory Pvc alternative. As hard to fix and you won’t get a proper seal
It’s either a new window or fitt new hardwood nose onto existing £25/m or complete hardwood sills £75/m


Answered 31st Oct 2019

Unfortunately you’ll need to replace with a complete new windows


Answered 10th Nov 2019

Sounds like very old windows. Estimate 40 years old. Don’t waste your time or money on them, replace with new, I don’t want you to think I am just trying to get u to spend money but honestly don’t waste yr money on them. Good luck, Giraffe


Answered 11th Nov 2019

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