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Do i need planning permission to move a side elevation window 1m to the left (obscured glass)?

There is a bathroom window at the side elevation of the house. I would like to replace it with a bigger window 1 meter to the LEFT of the original location. The new window will be obscured, with opening at 1.7m only.

There is another window at the side of the house that I want to make slightly smaller. The smaller replacement window will be obscured, with opening at 1.7m only.

Do I need planning permission for these two cases?

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Only if it's conservatory area


Answered 30th Oct 2019

Yes you will need to submit planning application


Answered 30th Oct 2019

You may need planning especially if visible from any road in any way but you should check with your local authority to be sure.Also you will need building regulations because the structural opening is being widened if it is and this is not covered by any self certification scheme like FENSA
Obscure glass make no difference to the planning requirement needing to be obtained but can make a difference to a submitted application


Answered 30th Oct 2019

Yes I believe you do. You can make a window larger by 300mm each way without planning but to completely move it may cause an issue with opposing properties.


Answered 31st Oct 2019

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