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What should sash windows and the window sill be made of please?

I am planning to replace some sash windows and roof lights and wondered what they should be made of. Is engineered redwood sufficiently robust for the sash windows. What should roof lights be constructed of... is sekoya as good as oak?
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The best timber to make sash windows from is Accoya. Accoya isn't a type of tree but the trade name of an modified timber that is completely rot and warp proof. The only negative is that it's more expensive for the joinery company to buy than a typical hardwood such as sapele. Most higher end joinery companies now use Accoya for their doors and windows if budget permits.

Our company Goodwood Fitch make all our windows with Accoya


Answered 30th Oct 2019

I completely agree with Goodwood Fitch.
Accoya is the only timber to use in Painted Fenestration.

Find a specialist: Joinery is never as simple as just "wooden windows"
We see a wealth of timber products on new builds as young as 5years and joinery is already rotten past re-painting.
The poor joinery doesn't necessarily cost less, do your homework and gain confidence in your joinery shop, science is quality and quality adds years to the durability of your joinery product.


Answered 31st Oct 2019

We use accoya when budget allows. Most sashes we make are in sapele


Answered 4th Nov 2019

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