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Does expanding foam have adhesive properties and can you use it to stick skirting boards.

Can I use expanding foam to stick slate skirting boards to rendered plastered wall?
I have two 1 metre lengths of slate skirting which will be fixed either side of a fireplace opening. Being slate they are quite heavy. Will expanding foam work for this. Does it have excellent adhesion properties. If so what foam adhesive do you guys recommend.

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It does have adhesive properties but not for this type of application. I would recommend and adhesive like "sticks like" or "grip fill".


Answered 21st Oct 2019

Really there are various types of adhesive available on the market that would work in this scenario! Expanding foam however, is not an adhesive and should never be used as an adhesive! It does stick very well but fire foam for example (expanding foam variant) is used around fire door frames, expanding foam can be used to fill the gap between a UPVC window and brickwork but proper fixings can never be replaced by foam...


Answered 21st Oct 2019

Try using CT1 power N grab bond your need a decent silicon gun as it’s really thick and tough polymer silicon, that’s rated for sticking granitic on vertical walls.

It’s quite expensive at £10/£12 a tube but it’s worth it’s weight in gold decent product for sticking pretty much anything together.

They also do a good range of silicon sealants in general they have another brand called CT1 sealant & adhesive comes in like 10 different colours too.


Answered 21st Oct 2019

In my experience expanding foam is no a adhesive to stick skirting you need to used no nails adhesives or more More adhesive in the market you can user you can have in toolstation ,B&q , screwfix and Wilkinson and more tools shop



Answered 24th Oct 2019

I sometimes use a foam called insta stick..its actually designed to stick 8x4 plasterboards to walls so once dry this will hold a length of skirting no problem


Answered 24th Oct 2019

Use stixall then caulk top edge to seal


Answered 26th Nov 2019

Don’t used expanding foam for this. If you don’t want to be able to get it off again try CT1, if you want it to stick but be able to be tapped off with a hammer & bolster then go for a grip fill.


Answered 11th Dec 2019

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