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Hi, I have a house that was built in the late 20's and the roof is leaking when it rains. The roof is normal flat terra cotta tiles and they are probably original. The leak is coming in through the bathroom ceiling. It's not too bad, just moderate but steady drips with pretty heavy rain.

My question is whether I should get into the loft and try to trace where the leak is coming from when it's raining. I'm thinking that this may save the roofer a lot of time, since you can't really trace a leak when it's not raining and the roofer would have to wait until it rains to come over.

Should I do this, and if so, are there any tips on how to trace the leak? I know that tracing a leaking roof and where the leak orginates from is quite tricky.


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Hi bill,
Rather than you going into the attic space you could look for a few pointers, such as:-
1/ the tiles are missing on the particular area, or damaged.
2/ the ridge at the top is damaged, missing or joints are open.
3/ a flashing at the area may be damaged or missing.
4/ if you flat tiles are concrete then they should be okay, but if your tiles are clay such as rosemary or similar then they may be pour us due to adverse weather, or bossed due to water ingression then freezing causing splits and cracks.

Hope this help and good luck


Answered 16th Mar 2012


Member since 4 Aug 2009

first thing I would do is look for any broken or cracked tiles,any good roofer will be able to locate where the leak is coming from without the need for rain.
my guess is their is no under felt as it is the original unless you go up the loft and look for holes it will be easier to locate where the leak is coming from with a ladder on the outside of the building.

just post it in the roofing section of the site and get a local roofer round to tell you where you leak is coming from and the solution

good luck Alex

Answered 16th Mar 2012

ADR Property Maintenance

Member since 1 Mar 2009

my advive is get a roofer in ! he will know exactly whats gone ! felt, flashings tiles etc . to pinpoint where leak is coming from is near enough impossible, it could be in totally different place to where you think, an find its way through !

Answered 16th Mar 2012

GJC Carpentry

Member since 23 Jan 2012

chances are your roof is porous, regardless of being clay or concrete if still origional tiles, most roof tiles are given a life span of forty to fifty years though this doesn't necessarily mean new roof required if you do decide to check loft for leaks use a torch look for visible white marks on the roof timbers this should give you a good idea where roof is leaking

Answered 18th Apr 2012

cannell roofing contractors

Member since 18 Apr 2012

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