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Installing a smaller than normal door

I have a basement flat and one of its quirks is oddly sized doorways and different ceiling heights. I'm looking to install a door in a threshold which is only about 187cm in height which seems beyond the recommended trim limit for most doors...any advice on what kind of doors would be suitable for reshaping to fit? I had my heart set on a door with a central strip of glazing on it (need all the light I can get) but have a feeling I may need a solid oak door or similar if there is going to be major alterations to it.

Also any recommends for places to buy would be great, everyone seems to use a certain kitchen supplier but their non transparent pricing structure really annoys me.

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Solid frame door can be cut to suit your frame,depends on your budget,of the peg door cut more than manufactures recommendations Will be ok to use as an internal door,custom made door will be far superior,but will be more expensive,would advise to get carpenter to come and look and see if possible to cut a door to suit.


Answered 17th Oct 2019

Cutting any door down too much can weaken the doors structure. Also looks so wrong . If glass is wanted in the door i would recommend a door built to the rough opening size. By a joinery company.
A good carpenter can organise and fit


Answered 17th Oct 2019

you say you have a 1.870m door height no mention of how wide so I guess normal size. So a standard door is 1.981m/6'6" which is only 111mm larger, most doors have a larger bottom rail, so you could trim some from the top rail, and the majority from the bottom rail and have a piece of timber inserted and still have a nice door. Normal Bottom rail is at least 150mm and top rail 100mm, lose 50mm from the top and 61mm from the bottom, a good carpenter would sort this out no problem


Answered 17th Oct 2019

All answers are correct maybe a specially made door


Answered 20th Oct 2019

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