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Schüco breeze from windows

Hello, recently i have moved to flat with schüco windows and from each window i can feel wind coming.
Could anyone tell me which of these i should adjust as they are slightly different than usual pvc windows?

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Hi this could be a variation of issues.

1.Seals not sitting properly on the profile.
2. Windows not fully closing so need minor adjustment to pull them closer in.
3. Windows not sealed between frame and brickwork properly outside causing a slight draft.

These are the first 3 things you should be looking at to eliminate before calling someone out to take a look.

Hope this helps.




Answered 16th Oct 2019

Building regs used to insist on night vents which are usually fitted in the head of the frame,this actually created poor insulation sound proofing and drafts.These night vents are no longer a requirement under building regs,so if windows have vents they can be closed down
They all so cause a cold bridge where the head of the frame has been machined out to fit the night vent causeing a element of possible condensation
The previous answers/suggestions
Were also good advice
Cheers Ron B


Answered 20th Oct 2019

If they are council windows or its council building, it might be that you have trickle vents at the top.these are for continuous air flow and let in draft.


Answered 26th Oct 2019

I used to be a manager for a window company, I always put the trickle vent in the window sash, but all uPVC windows have a night vent already.
Trickle vent are for air flow, I have my fan light on night vent all day and all night and I have not had condension yet


Answered 11th Nov 2019

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