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Demolishing my concrete

Hi I live in a council property but my neighbour's are homeowners and they have knocked down my shed and built a fence even though my shed was on my property do I have any rights

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Hello, no one should be able to demolish other peoples property. That fact your building a rented council building doesn’t mean otherwise. I would recommend your first action be to contact your local planning department and as for someone to come a inspect the works to see what can be done.


Answered 14th Oct 2019

Hi it does not matter if council or private renting or owned you have a boundary line which you have to adear to by law I would inform your council to see what they say and any good neighbour would have informed you as workers would have been on your property to erect new fence and once again should have asked we always work with neighbours when doing work if I have to use there property to


Answered 16th Oct 2019

If the shed was on your property and you have permission for it to be there, then surely this should be classified as criminal damage and the police should be informed if the neighbour isn’t willing to fix/pay for the shed


Answered 3rd Nov 2019

I have to agree with all here..
The fact it was demolished without your permission is ludicrous, you have every right to demand it to be replaced and yes did inform your local council.


Answered 4th Nov 2019

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