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Chimney breast removal

Is it possible to remove the chimney breast on a lower floor without taking out the one above?
The actual chimney in the loft and roof has been removed

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First port of call would be a structural engineer, he will inform you of what can and can't be done once the calculations have been worked out, this will carry a cost.

It may be worth checking with the local authorities to as a build notice will most likely be needed, again at a cost.

There are ways of doing it but they can cause disruption to the ceiling below and a large part of the floor upstairs will have to come up so bare in mind there will be remedial works to make good after the main job has been completed.

Hope this helps. Dan.


Answered 13th Oct 2019

Hi Marcia, I would agree with DD Construction here, get it checked first by a structural engineer if your going to leave the upstairs breast in place. They will recommend the following method to support the remaining breast, 2 or 3 gallow brackets bolted to the main party wall with a steel plate over, with the remaining brickwork built onto the plate. This involves a lot of work and you will need to damage the upstairs breast in order to get the plate and brackets fitted in. It would be easier and possibly cheaper to remove both breasts as most builders could do this without the need of a structural engineer, saving on there fees. Hope this helps.


Answered 22nd Dec 2019

Definitely not without steel support, probably not worth the trouble and expense.
as the chimney has been taken down from roof and loft you may as well take all of it down.
Hope this helps


Answered 17th Oct 2019

Hi ,
You can not take the chimney down with out putting in rolled steel joists, this will support the load bearing above .
It would be crazy to do this because of the cost involved. Your project is to make space so the money that you save on load bearing you can use by taking the rest of the chimney down and creating more room on that level .
Hope this is of use .
Thanks roger
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Answered 4th Nov 2019

There is no need any calculations because the chimney in the loft has been gone so it means just for supporting the first floor you can do by Lshape brackets with the resin in the wall


Answered 6th Nov 2019

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