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Best composite window make?

Looking to replace old windows Upvc with composite and looking for best make, especially in terms of energy saving. Internorm perhaps?

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We have fitted composite windows in the past and they are high quality aluminium cladded windows , they were great to work with, very thermally efficient but quite expensive, but we feel the life span abs efficiency is far greater than uPVC .
There aren't a great amount of suppliers but the thermal break in these windows are well worth the money.


Answered 14th Oct 2019

Hi look at a product called Warmcore thats just about the best Hybrid product at the moment, its a mix of multicore uPVC and aluminum.


Answered 21st Oct 2019

There is a company that provides a product called residence 9,it is a deep section but can make different sizes too,google them,I fit them for a company and they were nice to work with


Answered 22nd Oct 2019

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